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Germaine de capuccini is the leading professional skin care range in Spain and Italy. The products contain essential vitamins, which stimulate the skin cells increasing the production of collagen and delaying signs of ageing. Also, plant extracts are used as anti oxidants which fight against skin damage from external aggressions. The majority of the products used in this range have a high percentage of active ingredients and so the results after just one treatment are immediately visible.

All facial treatments start with relaxing hot stone pressure points around the head and body and end with a warm towel treatment around the back of neck.

Classic Spa Prescriptive 60 minutes £47.00
An indulgent personalised treatment for your individual skins needs.
The treatment involves cleansing with hot towels, a deeply renewing exfoliation, a highly relaxing anti ageing massage and mask.

Classic Spa Prescriptive Express 30 minutes £33.00
Add Timexpert Rides Eye Treatment to classic spa for an extra £16.00

Royal Elixir De-Stress 60 minutes £52.00
This therapy uses pure Royal jelly, which is extremely nourishing, it combats the signs of stress and fatigue on the skin. An excellent treatment to have after periods of physical and emotional stress.

Timexpert C+ Anti-Glycation 60 minutes £60.00
The first professional anti- glycation therapy available. Scientific research shows that glycation is one of the main causes of skin ageing. Glycation is a chemical reaction caused by the sugar we ingest but also oxidative stress ( e.g cigarette smoke,) and UV radiation (sun exposure). Because of this, the ageing process is accelerated causing the collagen and elastin fibres to break down, so skin is left looking dull and expression lines and wrinkles more pronounced. This advanced treatment is based on pure vitamin C which stimulates collagen production, and after just one treatment skin will have an immediate, intense luminosity.

Timexpert Rides Collagen Boost 75 minutes £70.00
This extraordinary treatment works effectively against wrinkles from within, filling in and inhibiting the formation of new expression lines. The visible results are seen immediately. The treatment uses collagen and peptides and is the next best alternative to Botox or fillers.

Timexpert Lift & Contour 75 minutes £70.00
With visible results from the first treatment, the define lift treatment is set to revolutionise non-surgical lifting. It provides flaccid skin with volume, lift and firmness. For maximum results a course of four weekly treatments are recommended, followed by monthly treatments.

Timexpert Rides Intensive Eye Therapy 30 minutes £36.00
The eye area is a delicate vulnerable are and shows the first signs of the ageing process. Timexpert therapy has been formulated following research into Botox and collagen replacement therapy, but with a truly non – invasive skin care approach that shows astonishing results. This treatment is recommended for anyone aged 30 years and over and can be performed as a treatment on its own or alongside the Classic Spa Prescriptive Facial.

Clinical Peel AOX System 45minutes £55.00
Until recently medical or clinical peels could be aggressive on the skin causing discomfort and redness. However Germaine de Capuccini have created an effective anti ageing peel, to address the visible effects of sun damage whilst ensuring maximum tolerance and safety. So skin which is sensitive can have this treatment safely, and can be taken any time during the year.
• Prevents and treats consequences of sun damage
• Eliminates fine wrinkles and improves deep wrinkles
• Improves skin texture and firmness
• Improves appearance of scars
• Eliminates imperfections

Glycocure Renewing Peel 15 minutes £16.00
A deeply renewing facial peel using alpha hydroxyl acids, followed by a mask to boost circulation and improve irregularities in the skin. Ideal for pigmentation, sun damage, expression lines wrinkles, open pores, congestion and chronic dryness. This is an excellent additional treatment to enhance the effects of all anti ageing facials.

When using all of Germaine de Capuccini home care products along with the facials, the results will be maintained for much longer, and so for your first facial we give you some free skin care samples to try at home.

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